Household Goods

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Lane’s Moving & Storage is committed to providing solutions to meet your moving and storage needs. We offer short-term, and long-term storage solutions for household goods. Our state of the art storage facility gives you the convenience, security,and affordability you deserve.


For those new to storing household goods, it’s important to be aware of the differences between self-storage facilities and managed warehouses. Lane’s warehouse is a licensed professional moving and storage company. The following are some important issues to consider when evaluating your household goods storage options.


Unlike self-storage facilities, Lane’s stores your household goods in wooden containers with built in pallets that keep your belongings 6 inches off the floor. In addition, we inspect the items being placed into storage and refuse goods that are hazardous or appear to be infested. Finally, our warehouse is fumigated monthly to prevent infestations and further protect your belonging. Our humidity-controlled facility keeps moisture from damaging your items.



Self-storage units may experience an influx of incidents surrounding theft. That’s not the case with Lane’s Moving and Storage. Our warehouse has a state of the art alarm system with full surveillance. There is no walk-in traffic through our storage facility and no one can access to your storage containers without your written permission.


Need to access that china your in-laws gave you before they arrive from out of town? No problem. If you need to access your stored items, simply contact us to schedule a time. Access to storage is based upon availability and made by appointment only.  Can’t make it to us? We will bring it to you. Call us to deliver specific items from your inventory.


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